Welcome to Kriya Breath

We are glad you are here and hope you find these Kriya yoga resources helpful.

Kriya yoga is the art and science of yogic mediation that draws upon ancient philosophical wisdom. Techniques have been passed down, teacher to student or Guru to disciple since antiquity. Kriya as taught here does not require specific formalities. However, the practitioner will benefit most from consistent, intentional practice.

Kriya is alive, straightforward and available for anyone to practice. Its wisdom is both enduring and evolving. The practice of Kriya yoga is just as relevant today (perhaps more so) than it has ever been. We hope to make it accessible to students and practitioners by using common language and easy to integrate techniques for daily routine. We believe Kriya as a contemplative art and science has the power to assist us all in managing many of our contemporary struggles. It is taught here in the fashion as was taught by Ganesh Baba. It is considered an accelerated path toward spiritual growth when practiced regularly.

Contact Keith Lowenstein with questions or to seek further guidance. He is available for consultation as well as small group instruction.