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Our detailed guide on the breath-focused meditation practice of Kriya yoga was released in the Spring of 2021. Kriya Yoga for Self Discovery, Practices for Deep States of Meditation can be ordered from our publisher, Inner Traditions or most booksellers. 

Learn how to:

  • Enhance your spiritual growth
  • Cultivate inner stillness
  • Practice deep states of meditation

Gain an understanding of Kriya yoga and the spiritual wealth it brings, including Self-Realization of non-dual reality.

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Fast-Track to the Infinite

Kriya yoga is an ancient meditation technique that focuses on breathing and the spine to unlock deep states of awareness, self-realization, and spiritual growth. Kriya can provide a fast path to awakening, yet its practice has been shrouded in secrecy, passed only from master to initiate for millennia.

This guide explains the basic techniques of the Kriya practice, detailing proper posture, breathwork exercises (pranayama), bandhas, third-eye gazing, and the use of mantras. Kriya will allow you to quickly enter deep states of meditation and ultimately experience inner stillness.

Book Excerpt

In Kriya training, it is the foundation of a strong and straight spine that guarantees a practitioner will experience moments of great joy and compassion and deep insights. With deep commitment higher states of consciousness are achieved, as one comes more into alignment with themselves.

Chapter 5. The Spine Bolt Upright: Posture as a Fast-Track to the Infinite.

About the Authors

Keith G. Lowenstein M.D., is board certified in psychiatry and integrative medicine. He began his study of the mind-body interface in 1971 with training in transcendental meditation and in 1980 began his training in Kriya yoga with Ganesh Baba.

Andrea J. Lett, M.A., is a body-mind wellness practitioner with 20 years’ experience practicing and teaching meditation and yoga. An award-winning writer, she lives in Portland, Oregon.


“Dr. Lowenstein is uniquely qualified to explain Kriya Yoga using the various languages of science, physiology, and spirituality… A must read for beginners and seasoned meditators alike!”
Mark Hyman MD, integrative physician and NY Times Bestselling author

“Dr. Lowenstein successfully bridges the profound and insightful elements of Kriya Yoga with contemporary neuroscience in an extraordinarily accessible volume.”
Stephen W. Porges, PhD

“Here, succinctly-expressed for busy people in the early 21st Century, is the essence of meditative disciplines—incredibly helpful for those in search of enhanced centeredness and vitality”
William A. Richards, Ph.D. Author of Sacred Knowledge:  Psychedelics and Religious Experiences

“All of us seekers of reconnection to the Source are well advised to peruse this book—it will illuminate our search and bring us closer to its goal: to understand, and through understanding, feel—our oneness with all people and all of creation.”    
Ervin Laszlo, philosopher, systems scientist, & author of more than 75 books

“This is the most beautiful and precise work I have come across about Kriya Yoga.”
Janzel Martinez, Kriya Yoga Teacher from the lineage of Panchanon Bhattacharya

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