Online Group Classes

-Online group classes begin every 3 months. The class begins with a free introductory lecture followed by 6 weekly classes that require enrollment.

The next intro presentation will be on Saturday July 13th, 2024 at 9AM Pacific time. The intro presentation is followed by a series of 6 in-depth experiential classes which require enrollment. They weekly classes runs for 60-75 minutes.

Classes are held on Saturdays at 9AM Pacific time.

Email for more information–

In 2020, due to Covid-19, we began to offer virtual classes and have found that an online platform works very well both to teach and experience Kriya yoga meditation.

Other Classes Options

In-Person Classes are regularly available in Portland, Oregon for small groups or individuals.

Weekend Workshop In-Person Intensives are available throughout North America at this time if there is an interest of 6 or more individuals. Workshops are designed for 1/2 a day or a full weekend. Please contact us for information.

Individual Online and In-Person Sessions are also available for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

-Monthly Online Meditation Sessions: Those who complete the online or in-person classes are then eligible to attend monthly online mediations.

-Monthly Online Seminar- “Whispers of Wisdom: Exploring Mystics of the Ages“. Those who complete the online or in-person classes are then eligible to attend this monthly seminar.

Kriya Yoga Meditation Classes

Our Kriya yoga instruction is online and classes are offered throughout the year in a group format. Individual instruction is also available. No prior yoga, meditation, or breathwork is required to attend a Kriya yoga class. All levels are welcome. Classes provide beginning as well as advanced instruction in Kriya meditation and breathwork. 

If you are interested in joining our next group class or if you’d like information on scheduling individual instruction email us at The fee for the classes are a on sliding scale. We ask that participants contribute the amount that they feel represents the value of the classes for them based on their income. 

We look forward to meeting you! Contact us with questions.


“I approached the classes as a complete novice.  I have always wanted to try meditation (and friends and counselors have recommended it), but I have never been able to actually settle in.  Dr Lowenstein makes it accessible and provides the science and spiritual history and practical steps so that I have really been able to engage.  Some of the other attendees are very experienced with meditation and also find it helpful;  he meets us at our various levels of comfort and proficiency.    I have truly found it to be the start of something that is life changing.”
—Becky Eastman, School Psychologist, Portland, OR

“During my time spent learning about Kriya Yoga and practicing its techniques with Keith (and by myself since), I felt as if I were participating in something bigger than my singular self, yet without losing any of my individuality. It’s as if I dipped my toes into a pool of ancient wisdom and practices that are designed to help one rediscover a depth within that is beyond the world of form – an essence that we all share. I can see – and feel – how this kind of practice can cultivate a radical shift in consciousness and physiology. Keith was kind, firm, informative, and instructive in all his teachings, and provided a clear path forward for all levels of practitioners. You can tell that the work he does is altruistic and with the intention to help the individual, and thus the world.” — Walker Sauls, Reno, NV

Dr. Lowenstein is a natural teacher and presenter.  This online class is a perfect companion to his book “Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery: Practices for Deep States of Meditation”.  The book teaches the theory, while the class becomes the lab sessions with the experiential part.  The straightforward guidance and clear conceptual presentations in the class are inspiring.  This is an essential quality for course takers to acquire and maintain regular daily practice and a path of continuous progress.  No magical believes or absolutes are involved in the class, something that is enormously refreshing, in every session.  Clarity, completeness and individualized follow up are important aspects of this course which may seem hard to imagine for a distance learning course in Kriya Yoga practice, until one takes the course.
— Germán Bermúdez, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry. West Hartford, CT

“Keith’s Kriya workshop was exactly what I needed to get refocused on my meditation practice. His extensive knowledge and calm, patient demeanor created an environment where the material was accessible to beginners and experienced meditators alike. I left feeling inspired to re-start my practice as a way to make positive change in the world. Thank you, Keith!”  — Willow Esch, Truckee, CA

I have had a meditation practice on and off for over 25 years and have attended several silent meditation retreats.  Last summer, I participated in a 6-week class on Kriya Yoga led by Dr. Lowenstein.  Keith’s approach was very spiritual while simultaneously being very practical.  He is absolutely devoted to this approach to meditation and is uncommonly and compassionately committed to each student receiving the highest level of instruction.  I found his approach to be particularly helpful.  Not only did his teaching include insights as to how to think about meditation differently but it also included detailed and constructive instructions regarding breathing and posture that were more useful than the training that I had previously received.  His course undeniably reinvigorated my practice.
—Bennett Garner, MD, Portland, Oregon

I have dappled in mediation practices for years and never felt like I “got it.”  Keith’s blend of scientific and spiritual really helped me to understand the world of meditation at a much deeper level.  Also, there is just something about Kriya.  It’s magical.  I was never able to breathe properly (despite several attempts at breathwork) and now I am better able to connect with my breath. The focus on posture and breathing has also helped to heal many of my aches and pains which has been a bonus.  I walked away from this 6-week course feeling more open, expanded, and relaxed.

I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to begin or deepen their mediation practice
—Kate Ensor, Life Strategist, Hood River OR.

“I had been cultivating a meditation practice for about 3 years when I first attended an introduction to Kriya yoga with Dr. Lowenstein. My journey with meditation had been very challenging, although rewarding, and peppered with period of stagnation and inconsistent practice.  His instructions were simple and concise, and after several classes with Keith, I found myself able attain deeper states of meditation with much greater consistently.”
—RDKM, Phoenix, Arizona 

Dr. Lowenstein teaches with ease, and alongside his lightheartedness is a wealth of knowledge that comes from four decades of practicing and teaching Kriya. Keith strictly encourages practice and compassionately helps each student and their individual needs. Even in a remote class setting I have found the instruction thorough and clear, and there is a grateful camaraderie amongst class participants. My Kriya practice has never been deeper since joining the Kriya Breath class.
—LA, Troy, NY

The opportunity to practice together has jump-started my meditation practice. Keith’s gentle prompts serve to encourage optimal form.  I also appreciate the opportunity to dialogue with people from around the world.  I am grateful for our monthly community practice and highly recommend it to anyone.  
—Jill, Portland, OR