Praise for Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery

“Dr. Lowenstein offers equal measures of insight and encouragement in this fascinating book. Dr. Lowenstein is uniquely qualified to explain Kriya Yoga using the various languages of science, physiology, and spirituality. Taught to him decades ago, Ganesh Baba’s uniquely conceptualized system of Kriya and human development is effortlessly explained in this enjoyable and fascinating book.  In Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery, the details of this meditation style is revealed in a complete and practical way. A must read for beginners and seasoned meditators alike!”
Mark Hyman MD, integrative physician and NY Times Bestselling author

“Dr. Lowenstein successfully bridges the profound and insightful elements of Kriya Yoga with contemporary neuroscience in an extraordinarily accessible volume. The volume welcomes novice as well as experienced practitioners to Kriya Yoga, a system of yoga focusing on breath and posture developed by Ganesh Baba. Dr. Lowenstein explains the principles of Kriya Yoga in a language that inspires the reader to explore the techniques and insights that he has distilled from his years of training and practice.”
Stephen W. Porges, PhD

Here, succinctly-expressed for busy people in the early 21st Century, is the essence of meditative disciplines—incredibly helpful for those in search of enhanced centeredness and vitality, including those yearning to further integrate and apply glimpses of spiritual knowledge in the routines of everyday life.
William A. Richards, Ph.D. Author of Sacred Knowledge:  Psychedelics and Religious Experiences

“Today, when more and more people are seeking a deeper understanding of what is going on around us, and seeking it increasingly through the understanding of what is going on within us, this book is of unparalleled importance. All of us seekers of reconnection to the Source are well advised to peruse this book—it will illuminate our search and bring us closer to its goal: to understand, and through understanding, feel—our oneness with all people and all of creation.”    
Ervin Laszlo, philosopher, systems scientist, & author of more than 75 books

“This is the most beautiful and precise work I have come across about Kriya Yoga. Not only it discusses posture as one of the most important aspects of Kriya, but also polyvagal theory, and most crucial, the attitude toward the Kriya path. I believe it will be a fundamental treatise on the Kriya Path.”
Janzel Martinez, Kriya Yoga Teacher from the lineage of Panchanon Bhattacharya

“Dr Keith Lowenstein brings a unique authenticity to this labor of love: He spent years studying Kriya Yoga under the direct tutelage of a fully accomplished master of yogic wisdom. Then for decades he has lived what he learned in his daily life, while adapting the teachings and practices of Kriya Yoga to the needs of patients at his holistic medicine psychiatric clinic. In this remarkable book, Dr Lowenstein shares with great clarity both the profoundly practical knowledge of Kriya Yoga, and insights he brings to this ancient wisdom through the lens of cutting edge health science. This book is a real treasure—enjoy!” 
Jim Carson, Ph.D. & Kimberly Carson, MPH, C-IAYT, coauthors of Relax into Yoga for Chronic Pain and Relax into Yoga for Seniors

“Clearly and artfully written, this book is a gift, bestowing upon the reader an understanding of both the foundational principles and practice techniques of Kriya yoga meditation.  As a physician, Dr. Lowenstein has a unique ability to approach Kriya from both scientific and spiritual perspectives.  With topics ranging from a neuroscience-based discussion of Dr Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory to an exploration of the impact of Kriya yoga on spiritual development, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in improving their physical, mental or spiritual health.”
Donna Kirchoff, MD, FAAP, Integrative Pediatrician

“George Harrison described the Sixties and Seventies as a ‘Mini-Renaissance,’ and along with its famous geniuses were a number of inspired visionaries working in relative obscurity to combine the best of Eastern wisdom with the perspective of Western science to further the evolution of the human species. Their long dedication to internalize and comprehend human potential has borne fruit in well-lived lives, and they are ready to share their stories to those seeking more meaningful lives. Keith Lowenstein is one of them.”
Scott Teitsworth, author of Krishna in the Sky with Diamond

Keith Lowenstein, MD shares his respect for his teachers and his devotion to his practice of Kriya yoga in this new book written for the lay reader.  I was moved by the clarity of his explanation of the importance of posture and how the “bolt upright spine” supports the breath and opens the nervous system emanating from the spine to higher states of consciousness. Keith’s book is an invitation to sit up straight, breathe, “ Be still and Know.”
Martha Blake, MBA, NCPsyA, psychologist, Jungian analyst, Portland, Oregon

“Dr Lowenstein’s book on Kriya Yoga has many hints and instructions that can be followed with benefit. He has been a practitioner for forty years and shares his journey in a way that may help us further open ours. It is at once practical and touches deep psycho-spiritual wells. Something to practice and grow with.”
Michael Eigen, Ph.D, Psychologist, and author, The Challenge of Being Human, The Sensitive Self, The Psychoanalytic Mystic

“With practicality, science, and a healthy dose of inspiration to practice, Dr. Lowenstein introduces the reader to the unique insights and methods developed by his guru Ganesh Baba. Meditation is the heart of every Kriya Yoga tradition, and this book offers valuable step by step instructions for posture, breath, inner gaze, and awareness of subtle perception. Throughout this book, the author’s tone rings with encouragement: be curious, trust yourself, all will be revealed.”
Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, and author of The Jewel of Abundance

“Ganesh Baba would be so pleased. Keith Lowenstein took his Kriya yoga teachings to heart, practiced diligently for over forty years, and now has produced a clear and comprehensive reworking of the essentials as well as an extensive updating of the ancient protocols for conscious evolution he taught. Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery is deliciously detailed, deep, and elegantly expressed. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone interested in learning kriya yoga as a more needed than ever method of systematically expanding consciousness.”
Eve Baumohl Neuhuas, author of The Crazy Wisdom of Ganesh Baba

“Kriya Yoga for the 21st century! Dr. Lowenstein has presented a simple and profound understanding of Kriya appropriate for both beginners and initiates alike. Building upon a lifetime of personal
practice, the author who is both an artist and a practicing psychiatrist, explores key psychological and neurological dimensions of Kriya without reducing this yogic discipline to a western scientific paradigm. The illuminating techniques described in this treatise can open the door to natural mystic and psychedelic experience, unleashing the full potential of human consciousness.”
Roxanne Kamayani Gupta, Ph.D., Author, A Yoga of Indian Classical Dance

“Dr. Lowenstein’s Kriya Yoga is a gift. It represents the passage of an ancient lineage through his personal apprenticeship with Ganesh Baba into a modern science-based exegesis. In this book, Dr. Lowenstein offers practitioners, from novice to advanced, unique access to an invaluable body of wisdom and practical skills.”
Christopher Stauffer MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Physician Scientist at the Portland VA Medical Center.

“Prepare yourself not only to love this book but to use it. Never before has the historically veiled meditation system of Kriya Yoga been so generously offered to the public. In Kriya Yoga for Self- Discovery, Dr. Lowenstein expertly explains the streamlined branch of Kriya Yoga as conceptualized by Sri Ganesh Baba, the 20th century Kriya Yogi and Dr. Lowenstein’s beloved teacher. You’ll be reaching for your meditation cushion soon after beginning this important book.”
Lyndsey Anderson, Theater artist and meditation teacher

“Alongside many yoga practices that continue to proliferate in the west, Kriya Yoga arrives in full force with this book by an American psychiatrist offering a fruitful synthesis that comes from years of direct study with an Indian yogic master. Lowenstein provides a rich yet down-to-earth brew of eastern and western mind-body traditions that incorporate current understandings of our nervous system and its multiple interconnections. Written in plain language and with clear directions, Kriya is a welcome addition to the many yoga practices providing paths for more healthful living and well-being. This illustrated work offers a grounded and comprehensive view of Kriya Yoga’s history, theory and practice, giving new expression to an ancient truth: the power of human breath and posture to affect body, mind, spirit and heart. Lowenstein and Lett have created a very helpful and easily readable book that enables anyone to practice steps toward fuller self-connection, self-regulation and personal evolution.”
Robin Bagai, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

“At the same time an introduction to the beautiful science of Kriya-yoga for an uninitiated public, and a comprehensive manual for experienced practitioners, this book comes at a perfect time in our era when spiritualization is becoming a vital necessity.”
Christian Pilastre. Kriyacharya (master Teacher) at Le Centre de Yoga Tripoura

“This book presents a review of the history of Kriya Yoga with mention of Dr. Lowenstein’s personal journey of how Kriya has positively affected his life and influenced his practice of psychiatry.  Thus, one of his life goals has been to pass down this knowledge to others by writing this important publication This book presents a review of the history of Kriya Yoga with mention of Dr. Lowenstein’s personal journey of how Kriya has positively affected his life and influenced his practice of psychiatry.  Thus, one of his life goals has been to pass down this knowledge to others by writing this important publication with Andrea Lett MA.  The book gives an excellent explanation of the physiological and psychological effects of Kriya; the anatomy of meditation posture and practical tips on how to maintain this.  He presents easy to understand steps to develop a Kriya practice, although emphasized one needs patience in the gradual development of the practice.  He mentions how some results can be immediate & I agree.  One such example occurred after reading the Lumbar Mobilization (P. 121) and Shoulder Shuffling (P. 122) exercises and trying them for a few minutes, I was impressed with the immediate positive effects.  There are many explanations in the book that back sound reasons for the Kriya method.  In Dr. Lowenstein’s words, “The greatest gift we can offer ourselves or another person is our undivided attention.”   I would suggest we all read Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery and give ourselves undivided attention applying the many suggested techniques. It’s a wonderful break from those “devilish” electronic devices.   This is a must have book for every human.  And remember “Breath Control is mind control” and “The spine must be stable, supportive, supple and erect.”  So, I’m writing this review sitting up straight while being mindful of my breathing.”
Mary K. McCarthy, MD.  Past President of the Oregon Psychiatric Association

“I am emeritus professor of Medicine, School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, where I have served my career in teaching, practice, academic writing, educational research and fulfilling administrative responsibilities. Healthcare professional wellness has been my passion. Dr. Keith Lowenstein is a professional colleague with whom I have worked, consulted and learned considerably during my most recent career in the search to bring wellness and satisfaction back to our medical profession.

Dr. Lowenstein is a medical doctor and is board certified in psychiatry, obesity medicine, and integrative medicine.  He is a lifelong spiritualist, who has lived his life invested in helping others learn the discipline where he has found solace, peace and gratitude.

Dr. Lowenstein’s new publication, Kriya Yoga Self Discovery is a wonderful example of how this master of the Kriya Yoga can teach those skills to the uninformed and, in so doing, bring the life changing benefits of this discipline to others. As early testament to his success, Dr. Lowenstein has aided greatly in facilitating the trek to wellness for many fragile, fatigued and frightened healthcare professionals in our community. This book is a beacon for those of us who have goals of solace, gratitude and peace. Its reading is a smooth, fluid presentation of the discipline of Kriya Yoga and its lessons are stunningly beneficial to the interested reader.”
Donald E. Girard, MS, MACP. Professor of Medicine Emeritus School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University

“Kriya Yoga is a metaphysics which maintains that everything is Ultimate Universal Unity.  More importantly, perhaps, it is also a disciplined practice, involving breathing exercises, meditation, and posture.  In chapters on Kriya Yoga’s lineage, practice, scientific and spiritual effects, Lowenstein and Lett masterfully explain it, presupposing no previous knowledge of yoga or philosophy.  Those skeptical about metaphysics can still benefit by practicing Kriya Yoga.”
J. M. Fritzman, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy. Lewis & Clark College

“In Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery authors Lowenstein and Lett have undertaken with outmost care and precision the task of bridging this Eastern meditation tradition with current Western science and medicine.  Their book is embedded with explicit guides and explanations of the elements for the practice of Kriya yoga .  It is an accessible point of entry as well as a rich resource for broadening and deepening one’s perspective and experience.  Ultimately, the work makes a compelling case for how this practice promotes our individual betterment and the betterment of humanity.

Achieving a hypo-metabolic, hyper-conscious, and hyper-connected state that meditation requires is admittedly an elusive quest.  Our human brains and bodies have not primarily evolved to reside in such a realm.  [In fact, regular daily life provides few opportunities to pursue it]  This book elicits an exploration into that realm.  It is grounded work, structured, systematic, and marked by practice of increasing depth and meaning.  It ultimately suggests the integration of the material with the non-material.  The Kriya Yoga practice as presented in this book can lead to the improvement of mental health as well as physical health.  It is also a guide to the quiet discovery unity with others, and unity with everything that is.  It can constitute a meditative launching pad for any truly deep devotional practice.  Contrary to some forms of Yoga, Kriya is fitting to practitioners of any age and physical condition. 

Western science and medicine debate and struggle to understand, or even comprehensively define, the nature of consciousness.  There is no model that integrates all aspects of it.  [In Ganesh Baba’s model Physicists will question the challenges posed to the speed of light as an absolute limit, or its descriptions of an inherent unity in the universe.  Neurologists may see unproven or still unexplored connections between body and mind.  Theologist may quarrel with definitions and classifications of various traditions and faiths.  And so on.  Ultimately, it may be that we cannot understand consciousness using current language and mental and intellectual constructs.]  Nonetheless, experiencing consciousness is a different matter: we live in it in every moment of our lives.  Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery is book that presents an integrated model for consciousness and deepens our experience through practice.

In their work Lowenstein and Lett have made accessible the learning, understanding and individual adoption of this ancient Kriya practice.  They do so with respect, a modern perspective, and the careful intertwining of what we know about the workings of body and mind.”
Germán Bermúdez, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry